Wednesday, April 27, 2016


(499)  Mor nahi je samay

I am out of time;
No more time is mine.
At close of day, why did You arrive?
Oh Gracious Lord, this was ill-timed.

The bakul blooms[1] of my mind have fallen down;
My jasmine flowers[2] have dropped to the ground.
On the lampstand, my mental candle has gone out.
Having delayed, why did You arrive?
Oh Soulful Lord, this was ill-timed.

Lost to the great beyond are my companions;
Love, to what place has it drifted off?
My buds of hope, they have all shriveled up.
Why then, with tender smile, did You come sit by my side?
Hey, Omniscient Lord, this was ill-timed.

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