Thursday, April 14, 2016

Taming a wayward lover

(489)  Manete bhomra elo

In the mind came a bumblebee;
Humming away, where did he go?
In my home, heart to console,
My lover did appear.
He came but did not stay.

Every day at dawn, going to the pond,
I keep eyes peeled only for him,
The one who made me his own.
While at work in house and field,
I think of him and him alone,
The one who took my everything.
Now I'll sit and meditate;
I'll keep him in my life,
Although he did not stay.

Now, by force, my tale of woe,
I will make him heed,
Even though he chose not to hear.

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  1. We cannot control His movement, but we can keep Him in our life.