Thursday, April 21, 2016

Come the bumblebee

(493)  Phulera vane bhomara elo

Into the flower garden came a bumblebee;
Humming and humming was he.
For him everybody had been longing,
Waiting with fancy dear.

The sky was covered with clouds repeatedly;
Thus it was colored like sandalwood.
Anxious was the verdant earth;
Eye to eye with sky was she.
Today, in every mind, faith has been reclaimed;
Dismay has been restrained.

Dancing in cadence to his rhythm and lyric,
Euphoric were those in on the secret.
The gates of their heart had been opened,
Effulgence was emitted.

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  1. When the Savior comes, enlightenment is not just a private affair but rather a festive social event.