Wednesday, April 13, 2016

While birds sing

(488)  Udvela hiya tomari lagiya

My heart brims with love for You;
My mind pays heed to no taboo.
I orbit You in bashful sweetness;
Your thoughts suffuse my whole existence.

In the florid glow of a brilliant morn,
While birds sing their splendid song,
In their midst, I search avidly for Thee,
Since they conjure Your memory.
You set my anxious heart aflutter,
When You fill the world with form and color.

The break-of-day sun scatters red dye[nb 2]
As crimson spreads across the vast, blue sky.
Attuned to music and revolving in dance rhythm;
Such is the pursuit I make of You.

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  1. When we chase Him, the whole universe takes part in our love play.