Thursday, April 20, 2017

Divine mystery

(714)  Kon sudurer srote bhese esecho esecho

On what stream from far away have You floated in,
Dispensing nectar with Your life's pollen?
What is that heavenly message You have brought,
Obliterating all the pain and bitter thoughts?

Today, the hens[1] sing in my garden;
And, in the thorny jungle, screwpine[2] want to blossom.
Coated with sweet scent, a gentle breeze wafts by;
Filling hearts, You arrived.

In a cloudless sky the stars, they beam;
Untiring in spring, superbly the cuckoo speaks.
In a rush come bumblebees with what fond ambition?
Being just one, how did You assume so many forms?

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  1. The riddle of life is not just its purpose but also its origin.