Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Maker and heartbreaker

(699)  Kabe jatra halo shuru

When did I begin the journey?
I've forgotten that history.
How many thorns I've trampled on the way...
In my mind is not that pain.

In such blazing heat I've been burned;
In torrential rains I’ve been drenched.
With such autumn beauty I've been whelmed
And sung bursting with earnestness.

In many golden fields I've laughed when autumn passed;
In many ice-cold storms on winter nights I've shivered.
Many batches of spring blooms I've witnessed,
And danced bursting with eagerness.

From so many woeful blows I've wept;
From sorrow’s load I've been bent.
Still I gaze in only Your direction,
Oh my revered Maker.

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