Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Down low and up high

(720)  Andhar rate alor jhilik tumi

You are a flash of light on my dark nights,
On cloudy days, a golden lotus fully open.
When I'm heartbroke, You are words of hope,
In my shattered life, a glittering paradise.

Often I've been lost, and then I've managed to return;
I've cried in such pain, then laughed in joy again.
Without You, there is no song, there is no life...
Without You, I have no supplies on this earthly journey.

In an instant brilliant, You arrived dressed like a king;
Then to some distant place You went, leaving me destitute.
Once more in my time of need, swathing me with love,
You've sent my pain afar and wiped away my tears.

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