Monday, April 24, 2017

Intellect's limit

(718)  Pache dhara para tai ananta

Lest You get caught, so You remain limitless;
Given this fact, there's nothing more to grasp.
Lest You get lost by mingling with everybody,
Cautiously, You keep Yourself concealed.

You've kept hidden in the sky and in the ocean,
In the heavens and abyss, in gusts of wind and mountains,
In galaxies and distant nebulae,
In that love whose boundary I don't find.

You've kept hidden in the veins on every leaf,
In dense downpours, and in each raincloud's body,
In ruin's dismay and in sweet consciousness...
In mind's casket, despite knowing this, I am remiss.

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  1. The mere knowledge that He lies hidden does not make His subterfuge less effective.