Tuesday, June 27, 2017


(783)  Ogo priya ogo priya, tomay petei bence achi ami

Oh my Beloved, my Dearest Dear,
Just to obtain You I am living.
Oh my Heart's Sweetness, my Darling Sweetheart,
For You my days and nights befall.

The konokchapa buds, sweet scent exuding,
Lift only Your words up to my ears.
With a garland of jasmine at evening,
Your radiant beauty descends on me.

Monsoon screwpine in company of the kadam,
And Fall shephali that delight with their scent,
They tell the same story on a pleasant wind...
You are the central gem in all their hymns;
You are the unknown and anonymous friend.

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  1. When He is the only jewel of our existence, even the flowers speak of Him.