Saturday, June 24, 2017


(779)  Ogo madhupa tumi eso amar kache

Oh Honeybee, please come close to me;
See that now my nectar's almost spent.
You're the moon of the sky, I'm an earthly light;
My effulgence, it gets lost in the vast firmament.

Darling, my stored-up nectar, it was all for You,
At every moment that it's been accrued.
My beguiled heart craves only Thee,
But every second it stays worried.
You did not come, affording Your embrace;
Contemplating You, minds chase the Uncontained.

Against the vast sky my lamp of hope is trivial indeed;
But still You know this love of mine is not small at all.
Favor You did not show to me, as You did not arrive;
You never made me realize that nothing ever dies.

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