Saturday, June 3, 2017

Tree of life

(758)  Ele tumi ele ele prabhu

You appeared, Lord, You appeared,
Hearing my keen invitation.
You're the tree of life, I'm a dry wasteland;
Yet in my heart You took Your seat.

Before You do I submit;
To You my all I commit.
What I deemed mine for a long time,
I have given it to Thee.

On the far blue sky, Your lovely form laughs;
On the gentle breeze, a cheery fragrance wafts.
Between us, the distance that exists,
Today, let it be finished.
What I've given, it is nothing;
What I've gained is everlasting...
Any measure it exceeds.

In Your innate wisdom accept my sincerity;
My deep-seated pain, please fill with melody.
With Your elegant tunes, Your meter and lyrics,
Invigorate the whole universe.

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