Sunday, June 25, 2017

Long ago and far away

(780)  Kon atiite sei kon atiite

In what yesteryear, on what ancient day,
With sweet nectar from Your psyche,
Did You build this lovely world?
Oh Lord,[1] Your cognition and intuition
Made a star rise in the vast blue sky.

By Your hidden will, a ship travels upstream;
You'd made it sail, heeding no warning.
In the cycle of Your maya, the manifestation of Your liila,
With the breath of life You imbued every place, big and small.

In the hoary past You were, and at present You are,
Ever You've endured, etching an image of the future.
For everybody You're the hymn and its satisfaction;
As everyone's sweet recollection, You entered our hearts.

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  1. Even when we've not seen Him, we find Him in sweet memory.