Thursday, October 4, 2018

All my trials, Lord

(1117)  Alo andhare hay din kete jay

Alas, with light and dark, day goes by;
Until now, still You did not arrive.
Though I see dense black concealed by light,
The dark curtain, it draws not aside.

The flower's tender smile becomes frowsy,
Silently, within the night's obscurity.
Full-moon's light is consumed by time's hunger...
Moon, a morsel when the demon Rahu swaggers.
Viewing all, in the mind such pain I get;
Even a bit of it I can't express.

Inwardly, I ask of You in the utmost privacy:
What purpose serves this light-and-shade fancy?
Won't You please tell, won't You tell me
Why this world came into being?

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