Tuesday, October 9, 2018

On the eve of destruction

(1122)  Varasar rate ketakiisuvase mate

On a monsoon night, redolent with scent screwpine,
On feet rose-color dyed,
Inside my home You had arrived.
Stricken by the three afflictions,[1] Earth's bosom
You suffused with peacefulness.

At the time, around that night had streamed
A heady southern wind, exhilarating.
It had sung with a music jingling,
Megh Malhar resonating.
Seized with love was I in that very atmosphere;
I had bowed and paid respect deliberately.

That day I don't forget, I don't forget the moment;
In my heart its memory resounds at each instant.
That same sweetness, it surrounds my consciousness;
On melody it sets me adrift.

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