Tuesday, October 2, 2018

My eternal visitor

(1114)  Akasher tara bale ekmatra

A star of sky says: "One only...
Only He is my companion."
Dancing, speaks Earth's speck of dust,
It says: "I yearn for Him constantly."

South wind speaks with mild air-current:
"Without Him there is no one else."
Uneven ocean's wave does say:
"Toward Him alone always I gaze."
Tiny dots, light-orbs in distant heavens,
With their glow they swing a lamp to greet Him.[1]

Tears of love are His dewdrops;
Rain showers, His love and affection.
With the pollen floral fragrance spreads its wings;
Its message drifts into infinity.
Each atom of the human psyche goes on singing:
"Life after life, He is the guest unforeseen."[2]

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