Sunday, October 28, 2018

Never fear

(1142)  Andhakare hime kuyashay nahi theme

Never making halt for darkness, frost, or fog
You had come, Effulgent One.
With dance, beat, and tune, into the gloom of then,
You had brought a rhythmic song.

Touched by morning's sun, the Earth got colored crimson;
Vital current came into its still doldrums.
All intense yearning gained form, taste, and tongue;
A thousand thanks to You, oh Conscious One!

Countless ages passed; Creation's flow has persevered;
Vast beyond limits has endured the stream of mercy.
With Your tender blessing, blending love and sweetness,
You said smiling: "I am here; there will be no final dissolution.
Know that there won't be a cosmic cataclysm."

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  1. Dance to His song with glee... His existence guarantees our ultimate security.