Monday, September 2, 2019

Swept away by His flow

(147)  Alo jhalamala madhura nishiithe

Glittering at sweet midnight,
You had come into my mind;
You'd arrived for a trice
In mind's timeless paradise.
Lo, You had arrived;
Oh yes, for a trice You had arrived;
In mind's paradise, lo, You'd arrived.

In the flowers is Your sweetness;
In great sea, Your majesty.
In the far azure is Your glory;
In as many lives, it is floating.
Oh, it is floating...
Floral sweetness, oh, it is floating;
Azure's glory, oh, it is floating;
Oh it is floating.
All my molecules and atoms, lo, they were bewitched;
My every limb, oh it weeps for every part of it;
Each molecule and atom mine, oh, it is bewitched.

Life's whole existence drifts in His direction;
Every heart-penchant races per His attraction...
Oh yes, racing it does go.
Every heart-penchant, racing it does go;
Life's whole existence, racing it does go...
Oh yes, racing it does go.

Glittering at sweet midnight,
You had come into my mind;
Jogging cradle, You'd arrived
In mind's timeless paradise.

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  1. At my darkest hour He appears, shining brightly. And so, in every life my heart and mind, racing toward Him they go.