Friday, January 24, 2020

Go inside

(1491)  Tomay khunje beriyechi

I have roamed in search of You,
Through wilderness and atop mountain...
Mid the gloom on night of new moon,
With lampstand of ghee-flame.

Everybody says: "Not here, not here–
Why do you seek in vain?
His abode is over there...
Why don't you go to that holy place?"

The temple having entered, I observe
Such wondrous articles of worship!
Devout laity is there and also clergy,
But the Worshiped One has gone off where?

Searching at heart's core, I perceive
Oh my, You are in hiding!
No priest is there or any worshiper,
Not even a wicker tray, laden with flowers.

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  1. Searching for God through ritual or pilgrimage is utterly useless.