Friday, January 3, 2020


(1469)  Kon ajana desher priya pariveshe

In some unknown realm's cordial setting,
I have sensed in You the love supreme.
Its location, time, and name I'm forgetting;
In my mind is You, the One And Only.

In that country was not fog of obscurity;
No deceit was there, no prattle of false things.
A stream of nectar, it had kept on flowing,
Having washed Your feet, Lord Most Holy.

In that country was not hurtfulness or cruelty;
No cold malice was there, no blood-thirsty enmity.
With crimson light beams, there had kept on dancing,
Like a peacock's call, the progressive speed.

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  1. True progress is only in the spiritual realm, but its impact is felt on every plane of existence.