Monday, January 27, 2020

Holding on to one thing only

(1494)  Surabhita pavane maneri madhuvane

On a fragrant wind in the mind's pleasure garden,
Ruler of my psyche, please arrive in secret.
No one will know of this soul's goal in meditation,
Silently frequenting that recess hard to reach.

A garland strung I am keeping at the foot of musing's altar,
Sandalpaste I am smearing on its flowers' every petal.
I am sitting quietly, drowsiness I've kept ignoring
In ecstatic contemplation prior to Your coming.[1]

Incense, candles, sacred art– none of them will be used;
Your heart to hold, having resolved, selfless adoration will do.
Through meditation, incantation, and devotion, love's passion,
I will become painted by Your pulsating vibration.

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