Thursday, February 20, 2020

A cuckoo speaks

(1501)  Ei phagune tithi nahi gune

In this month of Phalgun, not reckoning auspicious time,
Who are You that came into a corner of the mind?
For You I did not pine, by day or by night;
Nonetheless, to this niche, why did You arrive?

In clusters, the ashok flowers blossom;
The palash flowers, scarlet on the path they sprawl.
Flowers of the bakul tree, ever supplicating,
Dancing, they race about, absent-mindedly.

Perfumy flowers distribute their scent,
Young maidens decorate merchandise with them.
In the magnolia grove, lonesome beneath awning,
A cuckoo bird is warbling, his notes low-and-sweet.

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  1. Now that graciously You are here, how much longer will I suffer the loneliness of vanity?