Monday, February 24, 2020

A world in need

(1504)  Ghumer desher parii ese

Having come a sprite from land of sleep,
Said she: "You keep on slumbering.
The birds and beasts, the honeybees,
And the fish, their view is You should sleep.

"All flowers, they have gone to sleep;
The honey in their breast, it is suppressed.
Shutting Your eyes, go You to bed;
Heart's nectar, put a lid on it."

I replied: "I don't sleep;
I pass the night, vigilant.
Lest there be defeat of sweetness,
'Wake I keep; you must know that.
This honey I will go on pouring;
Your wrath,[1] please abolish it."

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  1. A fierce goddess would have Me sleep, but I will have none of it. (Conversation with Durga)