Saturday, February 29, 2020

I thought that I had it good

(1509)  Kon se nishiithe madhurima sathe

On which night, with sweetness in company,
You'd arrived inside the mind very deep?
'Pon a happy dream You had beamed.
In my mind there had been black ego,
Extreme poverty filling the eyes both.

Unfamiliar Traveler, into my 'hood You came
And erased the distinction between known and strange.
The mundane with celestial You combined right away,
Underneath a smiling lamplight unawares.

Oh my Most Beloved, take me further please;
The light-stream, it is quashing my stupid vanity.
Please remain very near, be inside of psyche;
On silent feet, please walk with me.

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  1. But then You came, and for the best my everything did change.