Sunday, February 2, 2020

Or could it be that God weeps?

(1500)  Nivir nishiith tuti

The dense night is torn asunder;
Two tearful eyes have blossomed.
Of Whom does she ever think, at Whom does she peer,
And why does she weep, oh what is her failing?

Well she had held You dear;
Her heart she'd entrusted to Thee.
But You did not take it, did not grasp what it is;
And so those two eyes, incessantly they stream.

Round life's zodiac signs of the year,
Whoever loves somebody, that person she's received.
But she who loves You, her You don't esteem;
And yet to You her mind keeps racing.

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  1. Reverse the caps and gender... then every time it rains, God cries for a wayward child.