Tuesday, July 13, 2021

A new day is coming

(1964)  Tandra sariye ele madhurii dhaliya dile

You came removing stupor; You gave sweetness-pouring.
Then You departed, quietly blending with the vitality.
We were not knowing much, and this we were not grasping;
We were merely lasting, our eyes glued shut.

At Your touch the speechless are made talkative;
With love's passion taking shape, liveliness sparkles.
Mid a desert-mirage is greenery in new attire;
Having been embodied, in the song it does rise.

On Your ideation, away narrowness does float;
With rhythm in dance Your lyric tunes overflow.
After having loved You, resultant from Your thought,
Worldliness sails unto the state of being conscious.

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  1. Today a society built on love is but a dream; but, thanks to You, tomorrow it will surely be a reality.