Wednesday, July 28, 2021

What makes You laugh

(1979)  Tomake ami jani go jani

Oh I know You, I know indeed;
Unto love You pay no heed.
That You'll get melted by my tears,
I simply can't imagine such a thing!

Won't You please inform me what Your heart desires;
Having stayed afar, why does it flash a smile?
With joy's rocking cradle why does it make cry?
Today won't You kindly say, candidly?

I have seen, I have seen, I'm fathoming habitude;
I've analyzed: there is no repudiating a stubborn nature.
In this habit I will stay, I will go on loving You;
What it is You conceive, that I do not think.

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  1. I stand before a looking glass but can't grasp what I'm looking at.