Sunday, July 25, 2021

Be diligent

(1976)  Mor ghumaghore tumi ese anahuta

Oh You, having come uninvited into my deep sleep,
Myself You did awake, You did awake, You did awake.
You told me: "Today, many chores are there...
Sleep when the work is done; time, it slips away.

"The day's duration, you know it is limited;
By minutes and seconds, rigidly it is restricted.
Once they have gone away, they don't return again;
Go they behind time's curtain, behind time's curtain.

"Neath time's three teeth[1] is also your movement;
On a cyclic track it journeys, a garland threaded.
This, rest's wayside tavern, it is delicate;
Let it not be neglected, let it not be neglected."

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  1. Our precious time to work is brief, bounded on both sides by sleep with so much sleep in between.