Friday, September 30, 2022

And so it began

(2412)  Himaniishikhara hate nevechile kon prate

From a snow-clad mountain-peak You came down one morning;
Salutations to Lord Shiva, the Cosmic Sustainer.
With matted locks unconstrained, on heaven's golden tears,
Till then You were unbound, hey Welfare Achiever.

Tresses You did bind to arrest the frenzy;
You reined in the all-pervading.
Into each way of life You infused song and beat,
Hey the Compassionate Sea of Kindness.

I don't find any likeness to Your contribution;
Of Your virtue there's no end, there's no termination.
Hey Ruler of the Clan, hey Attribute's Emperor,
Hey the One Quickly Appeased yet Terribly Disturbing.

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