Saturday, September 3, 2022

Who would I be fooling...

(2382)  Ankhir badal dhuyeche kajal

A constant rain from eyes has hosed the kohl;
Failing to fathom sorrow, You did not come near.
What love is this... You see no tears or laughter,
Gone and staying far in sportive deceit.

No more will I invite, Your path I won't keep watching;
I shall cry no longer from Your memory.
If to love means always to abide,
Then keep me not in this forsaken amity.

Oh Callous Lord, please consider one more time;
Yourself having forgot, to Whom else shall I go nigh?
Hundreds of things I might stay saying from wounded pride,
But enter inside heartcore, all those words neglecting.

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  1. If I were to say, "Darling, this could be Your last chance to visit me."