Tuesday, September 27, 2022

His intent

(2408)  Arup jakhan rupe esechilo

When into form the Formless One had entered,
Was there any other who had viewed that event?
From imagination everything had awakened,
Gamboled had the ocean of effulgence.

Why had You invented, why had You devised?
What had You been thinking by way of this desire?
Through stratagem of longing, surge of sport divine,
Novel anklets, had they sounded?

Afterwards, how many ages have gone by?
In history's annals, that is not inscribed.
With cadence and shape, in jingle it's survived;
This the Omnipresent God had wanted.

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  1. Some questions must remain unanswered... we can only find tiny tokens of His will. What we know is that it happened... that is what He wanted.