Thursday, February 2, 2017

Dance me away

(636)  Tumi nrtyera tale jhaunkrta hale

You jingled to a dance beat[1]
And were worshipped in the worlds three.[2]
You rang out with great implication,
Giving purpose to our existence.

In every divine realm, perpetually,
You are filled with paramount glee.
In the three spheres,[3] there's none like You;
Never asleep, You rise to remove gloom.
Turbulent minds You've kept enthused;
Beyond all traits, You speak with such virtue.

Please enter my heart's core privately,
Arriving with Your much-sought rosy feet.
On Your supreme jingling, worldly pleasures
Fail to satisfy like that sonance.
All my diffidence, all my avarice,
And all my despondence come to a finish.

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