Monday, February 6, 2017

Kindred spirits

(639)  Alor ei jatrapathe

To go forth toward effulgence,
This time everyone is summoned;
So I make an invitation.
Swaying in the cosmic cradle,
Earth's become so beautiful.
Today, there is no hint of prejudice.

Forgetting rivalry, let everyone declare:
We are only one, and one we will remain.
In but one jeweled garland hearts are linked;
Let's all sing in the same melody.
There is no high or low, no white or black;
Cosmic siblings are we all.

The sorrow of one is the sorrow of all;
The ardor of one is the ardor of all.
Every heart is swung on the same swing;
In the ocean of nectar is one song only.
Full of goodwill and awakened prospect,
Speaking the same language, we gaze ahead

Extending love to all, friend or foe,
I go forward singing of forgiveness.

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