Thursday, February 23, 2017

What hurts more

(654)  Toma lagi mor mane kata vyatha

Due to You, so much pain is in my mind;
This fact, don't You want to recognize?
Gone is the apple of my eye;
Seeing that, how are You blind?

On my eyelids there's no sleep;
So much time is passed in weeping.
Oh Philosopher's Stone, why be distant,
After You've come smiling, imparting a thrill?
Enter my mind, and sense my pain;
No longer remain inhumane.

You went away, my Friend and Lover—
What a night of storms was that!
My heart is breaking from the agony;
My grief is filled with memories.
Sit by my side, and smile tenderly;
No longer hurt my feelings.

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  1. Having once sipped ambrosia, its absence is more greatly missed.