Wednesday, February 8, 2017

He completes us

(641)  Tumi mor sab ceye apanar

You are my nearest;
You are my dearest.
You are my lost heart's sweetness;
Please take me, and make me Yours.

In the heat of sun, my shady protection;
In the dark of night, You are the light.
In lush verdancy and desert drought,
You distribute refreshing love.
Take my everything, leave nothing behind;
Grant me only Your touch of life.

Amid thunder's roar, lightning You ignite;
In rain's downpour, like screwpine[1] You thrive.
You ride cool winds in pleasant fragrance,
To my psyche You bring assurance.
You are my shelter and mental nutrition;
You are my Most Cherished One.

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  1. Only the Supreme can satisfy the infinite longing of human beings. When that happens, just One remains.