Sunday, February 17, 2019

But what about the children?

(1249)  Ei bhule jaoya vrajabhumite

To this neglected land of Braja,[1]
Oh Demon-Slayer,[2] please do come again.
Today the Jamuna[3] flows not upstream,
Nor does Your sweet flute resound there.

Under the kadam tree, no play happens
Of the Braja boys with Yourself.
The dairymaids in fear of butter's theft,
No longer do they hide their goblets;
But till now nonetheless, they feel deeply
You are always theirs only.

In markets of cosmetics on the banks of Jamuna,
In groves of bay-leaf trees upon the Gokul paths,
The milkmaid's daughter, face encased by orna,
Regarding Thee does she ask?

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  1. Though physically apart, in the mind of His devotee He is ever present.