Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Still the Garden of Eden

(1258)  Tomay ghire chande sure

Around You in melody and cadence,
The world dances to vibration...
Life's nectar, smiling earth,
Gets dispensed with resonance.

River's water, cascading
For sake of Your touch obtaining...
In Your song, toward the sea
It does rush in meditation on Thee.

The tattlers, to keynotes they have clung,
Lonesome and trilling Your song...
Rapt peacock calls are not unattended,
They dance in Your wonderland.

From pollen of amaranth,[1]
The bumblebee, frenzied by mind's nectar...
With humming it proceeds, having heard
Your compassion in downpour.

Humankind's mental petals,
The sweet bud getting opened...
Upon lotus feet they drop
With life's sandalpaste of love.

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