Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Sugar and spice and all things nice

(1244)  Ei pratyuse mukta akashe

Under the open sky on this early morning,
The words in my heart that were concealed,
Without hesitation will I speak to Thee,
Oh Mind-Thief, Love's Acme.

In the flower I have seen its tremendous sweetness,
And I could understand Whose is that pleasantness.
The loveliness that's in the peacock-tail or lotus,
It is just Your beauty's minute portrait.

The sweet chiming of bells and lyre's gentle humming,
They are but Your affection's precious offering.
Whatever is auspicious, all experience that's holy,
On each and everything Your nectar is smeared.

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  1. His is the sweetness in honey, the beauty in each masterpiece.