Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Let me see Your true form

(1257)  Eso prabhu nrtye rage tale

Lord, please appear in dance, in tune, and in cadence;
Come down to the surface of this earth.
Gazing at Your path age after age, I am alert;
Please arrive, smiling sweetly, on flower petals.

In divine state, You exist within the heart;
In divine shape, You make manifest this world.
In new state and new shape, come into my apprehension,
Oh Great Sportsman with Your cosmic game's stratagems.

You reside above all things both charted and uncharted;
You are the monistic truth, consciousness, and bliss.
A mere speck of Your compassion, that is what I beseech,
Wholeheartedly, from the abyss of all sensory experience.

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