Saturday, March 21, 2020

He captivates

(1530)  Balo na kar pare ei abhiman

Won't you say over Whom these hurt feelings,
Doe-eyed maiden, do tell, do speak please.
On ruby lips no song is there.

On ringlet you set not a white jasmine blossom;
On earlobe an oleander pendant you hung not.
On chignon, you tied not an unrivaled garland;
A visage like the moon... why is it so glum?

Which is that Pilgrim Unfamiliar who had come;
Having held you dear, in an instant He had gone!
From afar He'd sent nothing but a tender smile,
Now He has departed with your heart and mind.

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  1. For a moment she celebrates; then she rues her fate. Is that the end of her tale?