Sunday, March 29, 2020

To hold still more dearly

(1539)  Tumi ele prabhu

Lord You appeared,
You came, Lord, on splendor-stream,
With smile honeyed and enchanting,
To hold still more dearly.
Garland in hand I did not greet;
I did not ask to come and take a seat.

The lengthy night had been so gloomy,
That erstwhile gloom to consume psyche...
Lone and helpless, I did not invoke Thee;
I was not fit to vie formerly,
To hold still more dearly.

Through that same strait You have tarried;
You've said You have stayed beside me...
On each bank of life's stream,
In a hymn for each twinkling,
To hold still more dearly.

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  1. I was blind, but now I see. Graciously, You have always been beside me.