Thursday, March 26, 2020

He crept in...

(1536)  Maneri manane gopane gahane

Surreptitiously, in thought-depths of the mind,
You had arrived;
And no one knew of it.
You had brought along loads of ambrosia,
But that no one noticed.

You had bloomed with melody, tempo, and beat;
You'd spoken through raga and raginii.
Fast then slow, in music-measure secondary,
You had swelled in ecstasy.

By Your own hand You'd ignited wisdom's flame;
With love You'd let the zest for life pervade.
Dissension among humans, You'd sent far away;
Nectar You had made cascade.

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  1. And, lo, a heap of sweetness came with Him. Will society be transformed by Prabhat Samgiita?