Thursday, March 5, 2020

Ruby of psyche

(1514)  Tumi esechile manera nikhile

You'd arrived in the mental universe;
Filling psyche, You have abided.
With dye all thought You have brightened;
The mind You've won over.

You're the ruby of the psyche, in the mind only;
From the outside, it will not get seen.
In the realm of eyesight, You've remained screened.
Yet staying inside psyche with a gem's lustrous beauty,
You've become revealed.

I am in love with Thee...
I, a mere atom; and You, the Supreme Being.
Notwithstanding that, I am in love with Thee.
I, but a meager drop; and You, the mighty sea;
Not having got fear, I do come near.
With hopes shattered, all affliction bearing,
I laugh even midst a hundred sufferings.
Gopal beloved, through the world of song,
You have let me hold You in hued ideation.

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