Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Jiiva jiivasya

(1535)  Kena ele aji ei asamay

Why came You at this hour inauspicious?
Toward a close time proceeds, oh Playful One.
Flower's petals, they have fallen,
Nectar of pericarp has dried up,
Heady fragrance has been lost...
The bumblebee does not hum; it does not hum.

Once the floral grove was colorful;
Teeming had been petals' nectar.
Heady fragrance was not frantic;
It was glamorous, yes, glamorous was it.

By Your touch, a dried-up river summons flood;
A withered bough persists, budded having become.
You have been of consequence; ambrosia You have lavished...
Life with life You have admixed, oh Avatar of Consciousness.

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