Thursday, May 14, 2020

Have I not waited long enough; is my nectar not sweet enough?

(1577)  Tomare ceyechi phota phule ami

Like a flower in full bloom I have yearned for Thee
On a forest avenue, myself full of honey;
But the bumblebee of psyche, it moves on a-humming
With a wistful wish unruly.

Hour after hour, they proceed...
Minute and second fade into infinity;
But You did not appear, nor a word did you speak;
I am flooded by a shower of tears.

Oh Callous One, of what sort is Your acquaintance!
Why make sport with this my heart?
The pain You did not grasp, nor words did You hear;
The daytime passes on the wings of a flight of geese.

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  1. Mayhap my time is not precious, but why do You waste it?