Sunday, May 24, 2020

Why am I tongue-tied?

(1587)  Mananikuinje puinje puinje

At psyche's arbor, in hive after hive,
I know not why the bumblebees arrive and retire.
Upon a vernal breeze, in mind's blue sky,
That flight of geese does not spread wing, oh why?

Through sound and touch I've wanted Him;
Upon a sky sweetly smiling, in a fragrance bodiless.
I've wanted Him with screwpine's strong emotions...
The tree of my yearning, why is it not flower-filled?

Through tastes embodied I have wanted Him,
On a balsam's sluggish wind.
I've wanted Him, both breathing out and breathing in;
For the urge to express in words, He alone is motivation.

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  1. I want to speak my love for Thee, but I always seem to be stymied.