Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Before the fall

(397)  Darpaharii prabhu darpa na sahe kabhu

The Lord humbles pride; He never suffers conceit.
Where vanity abides, there must be defeat.
Two crown princes, the robber of the golden lily
They set out to seize, resolving to succeed.

With pinnace and canoe and many a sampan,
With yachts and ferries and ships all around,
They planned to capture the flower thief—
The fairy's trickery would surely cease.

Their hearts and minds were full of pride,
And negligent that God gently smiled.
The fairy carried an arrow of illusion;
With lily she slipped away, fearing no one.

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  1. When this is not our body or our mind, when nothing truly belongs to us, is there any sound basis for vanity?