Sunday, November 29, 2015

To catch a fairy

(400)  Sei svapnera deshe se niilsayare

In the blue sea of that dreamland,
A gold lotus has blossomed again.
With dulcet, spellbinding laughter,
It sends ripples across the blue waters.

In the late moonlight, with only its fragrance,
To parts unknown a breeze drifts off.
It pierces minds with that sweet scent
To pass the news on to hearts that are lost.
A fairy goes flying and circles around,
With covetous plot the lotus to abduct.

A prince was seated on a winged horse
When the fairy came flying to take the flower.
The fairy flies away, and the prince follows;
Flying and flying, the fairy was worn out.

On getting caught, the fairy trembled in fear;
Wings furiously flapping, she sought pardon.
"For this sin there is no leniency,"
Replied the prince with firmness and resolution.

"Theft won't be condoned for worship of a deity;
Move on the path of righteousness with noble deeds."

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