Friday, November 20, 2015

In a cloud beside the moon

(392)  Manera mayur meleche je pakha

The peacock of my mind has fanned its tail,
Having seen Krsna in a cloud beside the moon.
My heartstrings plucked, they reverberate
In the rapture of an intoxicating tune.

Back again is my heart gone missing;
Lost melodies have been revived.
A mind-uplifting, heart-enchanting
Vibration arrived in the blue sky.

In forgotten ways my subtle mind was made to leap;
With an ideation gone missing, it brimmed over.
My life's basket of wares has been emptied;
A sweet breeze wafts with the fragrance of flowers.

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  1. To my thinking, this song carries the previous song's theme forward from enlightenment to liberation, possibly final. In both songs, the state is achieved only on approaching physical death.