Thursday, November 26, 2015

Into the wasteland

(398)  Nidra tandra krodh alasya

Sleep, stupor, anger, sloth,
Delay, and fear– with these six flaws
Even great persons are undone,
Not to speak of lesser ones.

After being defeated by the fairy,
The princes went into the back country.
A winged horse they sought to procure;
Without it, hard indeed would be a fairy's capture.

With royal heritage they were besotted,
To views of commoners they gave no respect.
So no one's love they did win;
In arrogant pride, lost is acumen.

Defeated in battle and bereft of intellect,
By an evil demon they were confined;
In a dark prison cell they now spend time.

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  1. One who sets out to capture a fairy by seeking Pegasus in a wasteland needs sharp wits and good friends.