Monday, November 23, 2015

Gold lotus in a blue sea

(395)  Niilsayare sonar kamal

A gold lotus in a blue sea—
It has blossomed, but no one pays heed...
No one pays heed, no one pays heed.
Its petals, the color of scarlet,
No one does touch, no one does touch.

Smeared with vitality is the gold pollen,
Glistening life, enfolding nectar.
But that nectar, it is remote;
And so the bumblebees never approach.

From the land of clouds, a colorful fairy
Was mesmerized by its sublime beauty.
Clasping to her bosom the lotus of gold,
She flew off; and no one knows.

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  1. If even a hint of selfishness exists, an unknown theft is still a sin.